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it’s 3am. calling it a night.

will fix the blog tomorrow and do replies.

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Theme is updated, but some links won’t work until I start back tracking my tags.

Gonna go back a few months, maybe a few things form the beginning. 

It’s 2.30am, like feck am I back tracking everything,

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having a theme swap.

I’m dissatisfied with my lot in life.

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A/N: The lyrics are from ‘Lullaby of a Storm Night. Maybe listen to it while reading? Here you go. Anyway, this is the time when Mycroft heard news of Sherlock’s death. He didn’t actually know his brother’s faked it until AFTER. So. This is his internal… chaos. He goes from neutrality (he locks it all out), blaming Sherlock, then self-guilt, and finally his mind breaks down into a mess of OCD (or as best as I could manage, given my extremely limited knowledge on it) and guilt and coldness. I’ll let you read it yourselves. Criticisms would be nice. Thanks!


little child, be not afraid
though rain pounds harshly against the glass
like an unwanted stranger, there is no danger
I am here tonight 


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guys i expericed the facebook vs follower thing.

Lost a bitch nugget i dislike on facebook. too busy plotting how to fuck with her petty mind. 

Lost 3 followers on tumblr. little bit sad at life. 

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John’s eyes slowly opened and he was blinded by the fluorescent lighting of the morgue. It was cold. Painfully cold. All of his limbs felt heavy and stiff, and Sherlock’s voice sounded far off. As he slowly came to, the weight on his chest that made breathing difficult was easing up little by little. He was just grateful he was still clothed. It was better than nothing against the chill of the cold metal table. He slowly tried to sit up and his head spun, swimming like it was full of liquid and sand. 

“I’m going to be sick,” John groaned, covering his mouth and reaching out suddenly, his fingers snatching at the fabric of Sherlock’s coat to keep from falling sideways off the table as his mouth watered. He felt like death, and he supposed that was appropriate. He closed his eyes tight, trying to keep the nausea at bay for as long as he could manage. When he was sure he wouldn’t fall his hand swiftly released Sherlock and clasped the edge of the metal table while he hunched over, coping as best he could with the terrible side effects of that serum. He was surprised when he was offered a small waste bin by a mousy looking woman who was clutching a clipboard to her chest. John took it gratefully and  rather gracelessly, heaved the meager contents of his stomach into the bin. 

When he lifted his head he looked a little less pale, his cheeks starting to gain some colour back, but only slightly. 

“Sorry,” he croaked, not really looking at the girl or Sherlock.

Sherlock didn’t move or make an offer to help when John blanched, swallowing convulsively against a dry throat which usually preceded emptying a stomach. No, Molly was already prepared for that. While John retched and heaved, Sherlock stood from his chair and left the lab for a moment. He was gone less than a minute, but when he returned he held three cups of water precariously between long and spindly fingers. One went to John with a small murmur of “drink slowly” while he passed a second to Molly. There was nothing behind the gesture, but she blushed all the same and thanked him awkwardly. The third cup he only set aside, ready to give it to John when he inevitably drained his own; never trusted those damnable filtering machines in hospitals. 

For a moment, they sat quietly, Sherlock more than happy to let the once doctor broach the topic and grow accustomed to being alive again and fully functioning. However, he eventually grew stagnant, simply sat there. Molly was more than content to fuss around with the paperwork, making sure that it wasn’t just a body getting up and leaving the morgue but at the same time, trying not to implicate herself too much. Sherlock got away with a lot, but that was only because he had good friends, even if he were not prone to admitting it. 
"You’ll be tired for a day or so, but that will wear off. Food will taste of dirt and you may struggle to keep it down, however we will keep fluids in you." He lifted a hand and rubbed at his right eye where a small twitch was beginning to develop. Sherlock could feel the heavy weight of tiredness and a drowsy wish to simply sleep begin to settle on his shoulders, but he refused to entertain such a thought. Not until things were settled with Mister Watson.

The raven haired man turned to Molly, smiling a thing and rare little smile to the woman. “Is everything accounted for?”
"Yes, he’s wiped form the records. Can I as-"
"If you do ask, you’re accessory to an illegal act. I wouldn’t." Sherlock smiled sweetly, reddening her cheeks once more but he barely noticed. His attention was back on John. 
"We’re leaving." He said it brashly, expecting the other to cooperate. Well, he had no other choice really, did he?
"Can you stand unaided, or would you like support?" He offered sincerely, for once not trying to get a cheap dig in at the man for hire. 

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Hello roleplayers, new and old! I’m here to give you a little advice in the subject of starters! You know, those fun little intro threads where we get to show off all our sexy gifs and get to know people! So, take a moment to read over this post if you’ve ever felt like your starters have been a little on the unsuccessful side…

If you’re writing a starter! -

For those of you who are writing a starter thread for someone who has recently followed you, there are a few dos and don’ts that you should adhere to, to make it easier for the person replying to respond. 

First of all, I suggest looking at their page and their info. It’s very important to always take a few minutes to read over at the very least, the basics of a character that starts following you. If, for some reason, this isn’t someone you want to interact with, hey guess what, you don’t have to give them a starter. Starters are not, I repeat, not, a requirement.

Now, once you have a basic idea of how old their character is, what they look like, who they are, etc. you can proceed with writing up your starter!

Don’t -

  • Use gifs with words on them, that’s just lazy. You don’t have to write a lot but a simple sentence in greeting or even a sentence in brush-off shows you’ve put a little effort in and that you aren’t snubbing the person who followed you. 
Do -
  • If you really want a successful starter with someone, set the stage a little, just sort of add a bit of extra text saying ‘He looked up from his work desk at the newcomer, “Can I help you?”’ and it can really enhance the starter and take away that initial confusion of “where the hell are our characters at right now”? It also puts you in a position of power to decide where you are if you do this, so your character can act accordingly. It will enhance the whole scenario so I always suggest that you do this. 
  • Add a brief greeting to the tags. This gets OOC discussion flowing which can help improve interaction big time! If you’re getting to know the handler and the character you’ll be able to form a good rapport. 
  • Use open ended statements or questions when greeting the new follower. If your character asks the other character a question, it gives that person something to work with. It will also determine the caliber of the other player. If they can’t think of a reason for your characters to interact right then, it will sufficiently end the stater and the interaction. So if you bring your A-Game, set the stage, and put the ball in their court, and they can give it right back, it’ll be a successful stater! 
If you really wanna make it pop -
  • Challenge the other player with harder scenarios. If you are feeling extra frisky, make it a little more interesting and put the other character in a strange position. Have your starter be your character just getting off of a really frustrating phone call in public and making a spectacle of themselves, or falling over in front of the other person’s character, getting injured. Something that makes the other character think quick on their feet. Maybe your character mistakes the other character for someone they aren’t!

If you’re answering a starter!

For those of you who are replying to a starter, your work begins before you ever even click the follow button. 

SO. You see this cool blog, you glance it over, and you think hey, I’ll click follow— STOP RIGHT THERE YOU!

First of all, before you ever follow anyone read ALL, yes you heard me, ALL OF IT, their blog information. Their OOC disclaimers, their character bio, their basic informations, ALL OF IT. If you don’t do this, you will fail. I mean it. If you want good interaction with someone, you have a responsibility to the person you’re following to read their info and respect the work that they’ve put into their character. Especially if they’re going to write a starter for you. 

Also, a lot of the time you will find important things in the OOC information/disclaimers about interacting with that character, and the easiest way to get butthurt or make a really silly mistake (which could really hurt the feelings of the person you just followed or offend them god forbid) is by NOT READING ALL THE INFO. SO READ THAT SHIT OKAY. BEFORE YOU EVEN CLICK FOLLOW.

You also need to keep in mind, that the person you’re following will probably not follow back right away, or at all if the starter isn’t interesting enough, or if you don’t talk to them out of character enough, chances are, your interaction will end with that starter.

Now the second thing you need to do before you even click follow is think of a reason your character would approach theirs. This is going to stretch your creativity and your ability to think on your feet. If you read all of their information it will be a lot easier for you to think of a good reason for your character to approach theirs. 

Don’t -

  • Do not use gifs with words on them in place of actual writing. I’m serious, I can’t stress this enough, do not do not do not ever use this tactic. It shows you put in 0 effort and is a good way to get you quickly placed on an ‘ignore that person’ list. Okay? You want a good starter do some writing. That’s what we’re here to do anyway, right?
  • Do not ever act as if your character knows theirs already unless it explicitly says somewhere that such and such characters know each other, both your blog and their blog is a canon version of a character, etc. 
  • Do not abuse OOC information about a character IC. This is really easy to do if your a character like Jim Moriarty or Mycroft Holmes or Sherlock Holmes. I see those particular characters do this a lot and quite frankly, it’s not very fair of you to do that. This rule applies to characters who are telepathic and all of that too. Don’t do it. It’s a good way to really upset the person who you’re trying to write with. 

Do -

  • Put in the extra effort, even if the person who wrote you the starter didn’t. If you bring your game up, and you write more detail, if you set the scene when they didn’t, it will encourage the other person to try harder and successfully bring the whole thread up to a different standard of interaction. If you want to interact with this person, show them! Show them just how damn serious you are! Make them see you’re not just following willy nilly and that you care. You won’t feel like it’s a wasted effort, I promise.
  • ALWAYS TALK WITH THE OTHER HANDLER. I’M SERIOUS. SAY HELLO IN THOSE TAGS. SEND THEM AN ASK AND SAY HEY WHAT’S UP I’M SO AND SO. DO IT. If you can start talking with the handler of the other character and develop some kind of out of character dialogue it will help you appear more approachable, more likable, and it will help you develop a lasting impression on the other person. Introduce yourself, comment on the goings on in your intro thread. Just put yourself out there. If they don’t respond to you OOC then at least you know you tried.
  • Give the other player something to work with in your replies. If you read all the blog information, you’ll likely know where someone works, and you can approach them that way. If you put in that extra bit of thought of “What motivation would my character have to approach them?” you’ll get better responses out of the other player. For example, if someone works in a police department, you can go in and say you think someone is stalking you. It’ll get a dialogue going, a report filing, and gives that character something to do, a reason to question your character, etc. etc. It’s very important!

I really hope this was helpful to you guys! If you retain one thing from this whole list of pointers I hope it was this:

READ THE BLOG INFORMATION. DO THAT. It’s seriously the most important factor in interactions! Reblog & Share this for your friends sake. 


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“But with no John and no case you are in need of a distraction… am I right?” Sebastian asked with a sharp but friendly grin. “You have any idea what I do for a living, Sherlock?”

His jaw tensed, twitching where he ground his teeth subtly. It was a horrific habit, but he’d held onto it for a while and it was difficult to drop it when so frustrated. 
"It’s hardly difficult to see what you did, Sebastian." First name terms were never an issue to him, and it was more comfortable to others whereas he himself never cared.
"You’ve already told me. I don’t care past that." a small white lie, but it slipped through without a tell. 

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Plans changed. Upside, friend just watched Series 2 with me so I am so in the character mood right now. 

Replies on route, and because I lost all my old threads, people need to remind me / start new stuff :I

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More reasons for delayed replies;

- friend staying over tonight and tomorrow night. 
- learning new juggling tricks
- learning to poi spin
- I just bought a rubiks speed cube
- I’m a lazy bum

Other than that, I probably have most replies in drafts. 

Oh also, don’t forget I’m doing a video still. Some time. Got a few questions, but would like some more c: 
Ass box is being an ass hat however. If I get ‘em, I’ll let you know. If I don’t let you know, presume I didn’t get ‘em. c:

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