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Sherlock can count cards. He learnt in uni over a ‘bonding experience’ with his then flat mates. They liked poker, he got bored. 

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Sherlock’s sleeping habits are quite interesting really. As previously said, he’s an insomniac because his mind is always buzzing with activity. He struggles to just switch off and sleep.

This is why he will stay awake for days on end, cat napping occasionally to have a break. 

He does however, ‘crash and burn.’

Literally, he’ll go on for as long as possible, not sleeping a full night’s sleep for most of the week until he literally just falls unconscious. These times only require him to settle (ie, on a sofa or sometimes even in a bed) for a few minutes and he just turns off and can fall asleep for over twelve hours. 
Sometimes, he’ll require two nights like this to recover depending on how long he’s been asleep previously and also what he has been doing. 

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Sherlock was born January 6th, 1981.

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Sherlock doesn’t take two sugars in his coffee when he makes it for himself. The way he makes it is always one heaped spoon of sugar, and one level spoon which equates to just under two sugars. 1 and three quarters, to be pedantic.

Of course, to other people it’s simpler to just say two. Like they understand the way he measures it.

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To those close to Sherlock, they knew that he suffers over stimulation in his brain. Quite literally, his brain does not turn off. In some ways, he has the shortest attention because everything new or different draws his attention. 
To have his complete focus is a marvellous thing, because it means he is forcing himself to ignore all other external (or maybe internal) stimuli to pay attention to what you’re saying. 

It’s one of the reasons Sherlock also suffers insomnia; if he has a particular thought in his mind, it won’t go away or settle and he just can’t switch off.

Most of the time, he’s learnt to divide his attention and does it effectively enough most of the time. 

However, it does fuel his addictive behaviour. He wants something that will fend off those distracting thoughts and the unhelpful trains of thoughts he can go to.
On a case, he becomes solely focused on the case.
Nicotine soothes his over stimulated mind, and drugs sent him into blissful ignorance.

The only thing he refuses to try seriously is alcohol. He saw what it did to his father. It’s enough to stop him drinking religiously.

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Sherlock is an addict by nature. Narcotics, cases, smoking, or more recently, origami.

He cannot take something up to interest him without becoming somewhat obsessed. 

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Sherlock (under Victor’s numerous prompts) found a strange fondness for origami and the delicate patterns that can be created. It took him an hour to grow enthralled, and a day to become addicted. 
Whenever bored, frustrated, or generally because he wishes to, Sherlock will be prone to making origami from whatever he can find.  

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Sherlock has a “little Black Book”. This is basically his own private database of everyone worth knowing about in London, or that may have connections.

Usually, any entry will contain a name, age, and whatever information he can gather. A picture or description may not always accompany it, but it serves to allow him to know most people. 

Granted, the information may be incorrect or may be incomplete, but it is updated where possible. 

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Sherlock’s sexuality would be most accurately described as pansexual. He does not find himself attracted to anybody based on their physical appearance or gender and does not discriminate against anybody. 

What attracts him would be the ability to provide mental stimulation. It isn’t even solely based on intellect, but quite simply the ability to keep Sherlock interested without being repetitive. 

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There is a very significant difference between “cannot do it” and “does not do it.” 

For example, Sherlock does not cook very often (if ever) but he is able to cook to an almost impressive standard. He chooses instead to make those he lives with do it, or buy a take away. On occasion however, he will make dinner for the pair of them for no apparent reason. 

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As a child, Sherlock had a fear of thunder and lightening. The only reason he was afraid of the thunder was it usually preceded the lightening, but the latter? He was an educated child and knew what lightening was; electricity. The destruct effect that could have on the human body frightened him, and he would rarely leave the house in the middle of a storm. 

At home, he would seek the comfort of his brother where possible, verbally argued by the fact Mycroft was larger therefore statistically more likely to be struck by lightening. Internally, he just appreciated having someone nearby, just to feel some security.

Of course, now as an adult he doesn’t have such terrible fears, but still retains a dislike to lightening storms. It isn’t something he vocalises however and few people are aware. 

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Sherlock had appendicitis when he was 20, and consequently had his appendix removed. 

When he went to the hospital having already diagnosed himself, they tried to turn him away. Apparently, because he wasn’t writhing on the floor in agony and looked a little homeless, that wasn’t acceptable.

Having collapsed outside A&E twelve minutes later, they realised he might be right.

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Sherlock’s flat would, without help, be a mess. He leaves papers, journals, experiments, all sorts just shrewn all over the place. Mrs Hudson dusts, but cannot clean because Sherlock would never allow her to move (for fear of binning) his possessions. 

His bedroom however, is immaculately clean. There is nothing in there save bog standard furniture. Clothes are folded neatly, put away and hung, and everything just looks… ordered.

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Sherlock loves berries. Strawberries, raspberries, blue berries, gooseberries, red currents, black currents, and any other you care to add. 

When he was growing up at home, they had wild raspberries, strawberries and red currents growing in the garden. Many a time he came inside for dinner with red stained hands and mouth. 

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Sherlock adores Mrs Hudson’s baking. He’s never directly told her, but she often notices freshly baked goods missing, or brings him some. 
It depends who gets to them first.